List of Manifestos

“Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Canada” (1910)
Alf Budden, “The Slave of the Farm” (1910)
“The New Era,” Canadian Bookman (1919)
Florence Custance, “Women and the New Age” (1922)
Lionel Stevenson, “Manifesto for a Canadian Literature” (1924)
Lawren Harris, “Revelation of Art in Canada” (1926)
Bertram Brooker, “The Decay of Art” (1927-8)
Bertram Brooker, “When We Awake!” (1927-8)
A.J.M. Smith, “Wanted: Canadian Criticism” (1928)
Lord Beaverbrook, “Empire Free Trade” (1929)
Lawren Harris, “Science and the Soul” (1931)
United Farmers of Alberta, “Manifesto to the farm people of Alberta” (1931)
“Our Credentials,” Masses (1932)
Herman Voaden, “Producing Methods Defined” (1932)
Tim Buck, “Indictment of Capitalism” (1932)
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, “Regina Manifesto” (1933)
Third Period Workers’ Theatre, statements of purpose (1933)
Herman Voaden, “The Symphonic Theatre” (1934)
Relief Camp Workers’ Strike Committee, “Official Statement” (1935)
“Manifesto of the Communist Parties of the British Empire” (1935)
François Hertel, “Our Culture” (1942)
Les Automatistes, “Refus global” (1948)
Canadian Slav Congress, “Unite and act to save peace!” (1950)
Louis Dudek, “Ou sont les jenues?” (1952)
Manifesto of the Rassemblement pour l’independence nationale (1960)
Wilfred Watson, “A Manifesto for a Canadian Drama” (1960)
Wilfred Watson, “A Manifesto for Beast Poetry” (1960)