Although EMiC UA is involved in a number of projects (see the drop-down menu), it centres on two major research initiatives: the Editing the Wilfred Watson Archive and Editing the Sheila Watson-Wilfred Watson Letters. Wilfred and Sheila Watson arguably rank among the top late modernist writers in Canada at midcentury and both earned international reputations: Sheila for her highly acclaimed novel, The Double Hook (1959); Wilfred, for his poetry and plays. (T.S. Eliot accepted Wilfred’s first book of poetry, Friday’s Child (1955), for publication by Faber and Faber.)

Through partnerships with the University of Alberta Libraries, the John M. Kelly Library at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC), and the University of Alberta Press, EMiC UA is preparing print and digital editions of papers in the Wilfred Watson and Sheila Watson archives. (The Wilfred Watson Fond is held by the University of Alberta Libraries; The Sheila Watson Fond, by the John M. Kelly Library at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto.).